Most of our resorts and residences are run by internationally operating companies in the upscale hotel industry with many years of experience in the development and realization of resort properties. The profound expertise in the areas of land acquisition, construction and service implementation and the permanent further development guarantee a new form of living with maximum quality of life.


The concept of offering real estate with additional services originates from the Anglo-American market and has since made the triumphal procession into the whole world. Starting from American apartment buildings with concierge and Doorman, the principle developed quickly, especially in service-affine cultural areas. Having been established in South America and Asia for decades, the demand for this living concept continues to expand in the European market and grows from year to year. We have recognized this need and think that special properties in resorts make the holiday feeling perfect. The customer has no trouble, because everything is taken care of.




Investors, Family-Offices, Investment Funds, Property Developers and brokers find in Clavis International a contact for first-class marketing solutions from a single source. For our clients, we analyze the buyer's market and develop tailor-made marketing and sales concepts for successful targeting.


Product- &
Strategy Consultant

Before we start with the marketing activities and the distribution, we create together with developer, architect, interior designer and operating company the best possible product for a successful sales and the future operation of the project. In all areas, Clavis International brings together a team of experts and supports the developer in these areas in order to promote the common goal in the best possible way.
In particular, in discussions and negotiations with, for example, the communities, Clavis International provides a basis for communicating the vision and opportunities to each other and overcoming possible barriers with all involved.

Consultancy & Conception

If required, we will create an operator and management concept for the product together with the developer. In addition, we offer to consult hotels and resort partners for the future project in order to possibly outsource the management of the later plant. From a certain number of real estate, it makes no sense for many real estate projects, the operation independently or by an operator family to handle. Large projects require a corresponding broad-based partner for the professional handling and handling of the holiday and service business. We create and develop Logos, Corporate Identity and Design for positioning the project into the market.

Brands & Partner

Clavis International has formed a strong partnership with luxury goods manufacturers and equipment partners in Germany.

Our idea is to integrate these partners into the future project as exclusive partners, to negotiate best prices already negotiated for the developer and at the same time to receive marketing and PR sponsoring during the sales process.


Thus, a still unknown project is drawn to a fire level and creates trust in the target group.


We offer - according to the task - the entire repertoire of marketing communication:Strategic consulting, brand development, design concepts, classic advertising, media planning, live communication, PR, online and social media. From these building blocks, an individual and integrated communication strategy is created for each real estate project in order to present and position the property in a market-oriented manner. Depending on the project and target group, we include selected brand partners for cross-marketing campaigns.


Good advertising reaches the customer, good distribution convinces the customer! Not only the detailed consultation of the customers and the compilation of convincing sales documents characterize our service: We attach great importance to a trusting care from the first contact to the inspection and are proud of our excellent sense for customer needs. With our personal passion, we are the first and only contact person for your customers.


Sales has one ultimate goal: successful sales. This is flanked by marketing activities that, on the one hand, accelerate the sales process and, on the other hand, make the project more well-known (with regard to the later letting of advantage).


Sales tasks include:

  • Customer care from the beginning

  • Organization site visit

  • Contract consulting and price negotiation

  • Mediation of external partners on topics such as law, taxes and financing

  • Accompaniment purchase & notary deed



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